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Spurrier the aftermath – it was a resounding success Spurrier enjoyed it, we enjoyed it and so did the other 90 people who came. It is a rare event indeed when you can actually, really enjoy the wine and food pairings – Chapeau to Chef Joel Walding and his crew he...

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Music and Wine – A Classic Pairing Part 2

This is a follow on from last weeks blog post Music and Wine – A Classic Pairing Part 1…And so we set out to investigate in a purely hedonistic fashion the effect of music on wine perception using a group of everyday people, all of whom had demonstrated their interest in wine and music by purchasing a ticket to The Wintergreen Performing Arts Summer Music Festival “Violins and Vines” event at Veritas Winery. To prove our hypothesis, we had to show that wine affected how music was perceived and, conversely, how wine affected how music was perceived. The samples consisted of groups of sixty people randomly selected by their ability (and willingness?) to pay for a ticket. The three groups were then exposed to the following pieces of music paired with the following wines. The volume of applause and a show of hands assessed the results of overwhelming approval for all pairings.

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The Judgement of Paris…and Wine

If you Google “The Judgment of Paris,” the most important and by far the most elaborate entry refers to an event recorded in Greek Mythology.  Then if you Google “The Judgment of Paris and wine,” there is a whole different story in which Steven Spurrier is the main protagonist and the subject of this blog.

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Getting Spiritual: The History of Gin

Our emphasis at The Academy so far has been to focus on the “wine” part of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and given the fact that we have just completed our first Level 1 and 2 wine awards it is time for us to become more “spiritual” and concentrate on the...

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Fall/Winter Class Schedule Announced!

Course/Events Calendar November 2017/ June 2018 Location Course/Event Date Charlottesville WSET Spirits Level 1 - at Veritas Winery 11/11/2017 1 day WSET Level 1 2/10/2018 1 day 4/14/2018 1 day 6/9/2018 1 day WSET Level 2 1/6/2018 1 of 3 1/13/2018 2 of 3 1/20/2018 3...

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MS vs MW, or “From Somm to Dip”

How do you choose the right wine education pathway? I’m not sure that there is a “typical” entry into the wine business, but my experience was at least somewhat haphazard. When I graduated from college, my intent was to go on to medical school. But I had a passion for...

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Updated: The Proof is in the Training

After my rant yesterday (see below) that incidentally was not posted on Harper’s comments section, I decided to write a PC comment about the article. Here is what I just posted: "This is a very interesting study and a hugely important boost for both the WSET and the...

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Welcome Tracy!

The nascent Virginia Wine Academy is growing fast with the addition of Tracy Waldron, our first Richmond-based faculty member. Our relationship with Tracy was forged at the Capital Wine School when she and Chris and I studied for the WSET Diploma (an excellent way to...

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